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Welcome to the EcoDiv lab!

The EcoDiv lab is a research group led by Andrew Barnes at Te Aka Mātuatua - School of Science, University of Waikato.

Our research focuses on a range of aspects related to functional ecology and biodiversity.

Exploring the structure and function
of biodiversity across ecosystems

In the EcoDiv Lab, we investigate major open questions related to functional ecology and biodiversity research. We integrate empirical and modelling approaches to advance our understanding of the complex interactions between species, their environment, and the consequences for ecosystem processes.

Our research spans a variety of topics, including biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, species interactions, and metabolic theory. We are always looking at ways to apply our findings to contemporary environmental challenges, and how our knowledge generation can help to inform actions toward addressing these challenges.

Latest Publications

Led by Prof. Yuji Jiang, this study explores the influence of microbivores on microbial diversity and ecosystem functioning

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